Connecting Dots
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Connecting Dots
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Connecting Dots
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  "Music is the only thing in this world that can bring together all walks of life to share in a moment, no matter your background, nationality or spirituality. Music is one of the few things we as a human race can honestly agree upon. If the beat is grooving, your feet are moving!" That was the moment DJ CeeGoods emerged!

  With a deep love and appreciation for music, DJ CeeGoods knew he had the ability to bring people together to witness, enjoy and be a part of his LOVE of MUSIC by making them DANCE! 


  Whether it's a CORPORATE EVENT, WEDDING, SWEET 16 or just a good ole' fashion PARTY!! DJ CeeGoods has what you need to make your event a memorable one.

 My Life is 
 My Music 

Connecting Dots
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Connecting Dots



Connecting Dots